Yamaha HS5 vs Tannoy Gold 5 vs Mission LX2


Hi everybody and welcome to a new video today we’re in Attilio Lombardo’s recording/mixing/mastering studio to take a look to some studio monitor in the 300€ budget (a pair) That is a great choice to begin in home recording. We have decided to add an X factor to the expression and compare a pair of hifi speakers that could be used in the studio. Well, let’s take a look more closely and we just begin with the most famous 5” studio monitor, the Yamaha HS5 these with white woofer they go to recall the design of the ns10 (you can see them behind bit far) HS5 also vaguely recall the personality and character of the NS10, so without surplus Just below we can see the Tannoy Gold 5 they easily went recognized because have some gold details their design is more fresh even if they have significant vintage references Just like the HS5, they point to these references from the past.

However they are less common (than HS5) but they will surely surprise us in terms of sound. The factor x mentioned above are the Mission LX2 They are English they have a bursting and unconventional character a nice building quality like the sound that they express. Only one big difference from the others is that they are passive so we must have an amplifier to power it up We can use a standard home Hi-fi ampli or buy one for minimum 50€ which will be added to the check Ok, no more introduction let’s begin the audio test, after this We will comment together the result, we’ll take a short look to the speakers design then we will approach the conclusions. before we begin, I remember you that below in description you can find some useful infos some amazon links to buy the products and the instruments that we use for this video. Also you can find the facebook page of the studio that hosted us if you haven’t already done it, like the video , subscribe to the channel and comment let us know if you liked the video, if you have any suggestions or just doubts about. Let’s begin the review with the popular ones the Yamaha HS5 Cost about 155€ for one speaker, you can easily found a pair for 300€ or less They have 45W power to the woofer and 25W to the tweeter to arrive in the complex at 70W bi amp. of the 3 we know are the driest.

Ones have less bass frequencies the high freq are very enjoyable and very detailed the mid freq are just… a bit empty they form the characteristic sound of the Yamaha NS10 For a reasonable price we can buy a pair of monitor which can satisfy most people sounding good in almost all environments apart from those acoustically treated because they have few low frequencies we should work on their eq so… is just not for everyone in many cases it is better to leave things as they are In the same way with these HS5 It’s easy to fall in error the less experienced they may go to add some in frequency compartments that the HS5 do not reproduce properly going to distort listening finding a decidedly different mix from the one desired Idem for the simply listening to music I prefer the other models If you want to stay under the Yamaha roof it would be appropriate to evaluate the purchase, being able regarding space and budget, go on models with larger woofers maybe HS7 or better the HS8 Let’s move on to Tannoy Gold 5 thay are bi amp, 200W maybe too much, but so it is declared from Tannoy… They are definitively a nice surprise First thing first the bass reflex is frontal unlike the other two models Is a good news for who have spatiality problems But the really fresh news is… the real Plus of of these Gold 5 is surely the fact that are coaxial Thanks to the Tannoy patented technology called “dual concentric” we can find the tweeter inserted into the woofer so the focus and the sound imaging is more precisely than the other speakers. Also we have a less phase shift between frequencies because, since the sound comes from only one source per speaker will have a minor standing wave cancellation (and also a smaller sum) so the result is a more compact listening If we really have to find a “negative” thing to this Tannoy Gold 5 Are the high frequencies, not proper a real problem but they are a little less shining compare to HS5 however, in front of the Tannoy Gold 5 we can find a pot for HF regulation it’s simply to use and we can get a boost to HF and resolve the problem Another things that surprised us are the Low frequencies with a much more present than the HS5 and much more precise.

Even at low volumes. for only 4€ more than HS5… about 159€ each on famous site Thomann We have a speaker that invites us to listen the simple music, not only for mixing works or something What can I say, these Tannoy have surely surprise us. Ok, let’s take a look to Mission LX2 They are so English you see and hear it clearly at first listen imagine that they really left us speechless… with only a simply 2x20W Pioneer amp They reach easily the volume for the test as the other 2 speakers… indeed the hs5 have struggled a little. I never know Mission as an audio company I was very surprised when I listen them for the first time these speakers are very “aggressive” and it would normally be bad to use them in the studio But… we manage to bring out an incredible sound and absolutely dignified It’s a real plesure to listen to some music, During the audio test session they was the only ones with which we listened to all the songs recording them in full are definitely recommended in the case you need an extra reference or if in any case your main use was that of hifi and only occasionally for the studio purpose Okay, for design there is not much to say it’s a “Degustibus” things here…. let’s talk a little about nothing… some interesting things to say are that the HS5 have a classical 2 way speaker design with white cone that is very iconic and photogenic a thing that I like pretty much is the white led Yamaha logo of the 3, however, have the highest specific weight they are very heavy, even more the Tannoy that are bigger. this could translate into an excellent choice of materials for the cabinet The building quality like the other 2 speakers is very high they are widespread so this could translate into excellent resale and repairability.

So, Tannoy Gold 5. are definitely some fresh air in the studio monitor’s flat panorama they have a bold, particular, sometimes exclusive design. They don’t like everyone! BUT… we are all agree that their diffusion is inversely proportional to the build quality and sound quality A free and fast news about their renewal of design is coincided with the takeover by the holding company based in the philippines Led by Uli Beheringer then draw your conclusions However… they sounds good my friends… what more is there to say?? For the Missions, they also take up the iconic design of the English company. Do you remember in the precedent video (edifier vs presonus) where I said that theoretically the tweeter should be at ear level and the woofer just below? well, fate wanted us to try the exception that invalidates the rule! Or “everything is the opposite of everything if it works” These Mission really works! I think that I have understand why they choice this disposition because being bookshelf cases might usually think of housing them at the top so at this point the tweeter resulted to ear’s height. we can say what we want about it but the LX2 design works and the build quality is also top. likely the other Mission’s speakers Ok we come to the conclusions, enough with the chatter ok cut this one!! Ok we come to the conclusions it’s the right moment to elect our winner of this comparative For us, for some reasons that we will tell you now… Tannoy Gold are the winner but there is one thing to say first, let’s make a preamble when we pull off from their boxes and we start them for the first time we just laugh because they have…. a terrible sounds!

We were going to tear them apart then we came up with the genius and we wondered if it was appropriate to rattle these boxes a little so we just played a white noise for few hours for waking them up… And they effectively waked up revealing the typical Tannoy sound So, for studio purpose we just choice Tannoy Gold 5 because they have a better sounds imaging they have a precise and linear reproduction also at the bottom where usually this 5” monitors begin to make mistakes their low volume performance also convinced us that is a quality very rare in these kind of studio monitors if we really have to break a spear in favor of HS5 maybe with an equalization we could match them with the room we may be able to pull off a more than decent sound but I ask myself: why we will do that? If we can buy Tannoy Gold 5 that have a very nice sound, even in flat EQ? For the Mission LX2 however was a very interesting discovery we can use them in studio we don’t have to worry too much about them being colored or designed for HIFI

If you had to decide to choose speakers for HIFI use maybe with a modern style I would definitely choose the Mission LX2 maybe with a superb ampli the right one, vintage, and an hardware EQ and a suitable playback device for listening to some vinyl or CDs If you are searching for an impressive Quality/Price literally buy now these Mission LX2 with 179€ you can bring home a pair of speaker that in 2017 were elected “Best speakers under 1000£” this will mean something well, let’s finish here, it was very amazing to test these speakers we hope we haven’t bored you too much, we tried to focus on the really important part, the audio test. the only advice we can give you in choosing the first studio monitors I understand that is a really important choice and not to be underestimated… the advice is “never stop at the first impression, do not be enchanted by the promise of iconic design and flat sound. you should try, try and listen until you can find your dimension thanks to being with us, we see you in the next video and the next review… ciao ragazzi!!

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