EDIFIER R1280T v Presonus Eris 3,5 Audio comparison budget speaker


Hi everybody and welcome back Today we’ll take a look to the marvelous Edifier R1280T and we’ll compare it with the new Presonus Eris 3,5 Both speakers cost about 100$/90€ They are excellent speakers for listen to music and also to study it perhaps presonus is more suitable for studio use (at least on papers) But also edifier R1280T have been included in the list of a famous portal of musical instruments in the list of studio monitors speakers So, we’ve decided to trust them and To complicate a bit our life Let’s see if these Edifier R1280T actually are a multi purpose as they say. After the failure with precedents POV style videos I decided to bring back the old standard that we’ve always done So now I’ll explain you how this video works first thing first we’ll take a fast look to this speakers then we will do the audio test after this, we will comment on how they sound if it is good and pleasant then we’ll criticize the design and final conclusion chat.

So, these Edifier R1280T Edifier is a chinese brand, don’t get afraid by now everything is now produced there Edifier had become famous during 90’s as they was one of the first companies to produce 2.1 wood speakers (satellites plus subwoofer) and 4.1 also for home cinemas purpose In meantime they (edifier) start to produce Car audio items also they start to produce normal home speaker as these Edifier R1280T During 2011 Edifier was already an audio industry leader but decided to acquires a famous company named STAX, the older ones will remember it, it always been a famous Japanese company that produce Hi fidelity item and hi budget audio components if you’ll take a look to them site you’ll discover that (for example) they still produce a pair of headphones simply renewed that cost about 3000$. Instead Presonus…. well there is not much to say, is a californian company (but its products are always built in China) now it is fashionable to say “designed in California” ok…well… They are in Audio and home recording business from a long time we all know Presonus but they always stay in the “low cost” area so these Presonus Eris 3,5 aren’t like Genelec, Dynaudio or Neumann. Just to make an example. Still remains budget speakears But anyway they (Eris 3.5) are good! Sorry I just remembered that Presonus Eris 3.5 have 25W power and 21W for the Edifier R1280T But isn’t present how much power goes to woofer and tweeter. because so much are numbers like that, put into random mode… (I’m joking) Anyway, let’s go to hear the Audio Test Remember to wear your headphones, not a quality recording but the differences will be heard Well! For those that already seen our article about R1280T Already know my position about this speaker There is not much to say, Edifier sounds very wet rather “fat” but not coarse I mean, thanks to paper made woofer they are pretty more precise in bass frequency than Presonus Eris. When I just bought it, after putting them into operation I had to wait about…. I don’t know… maybe 1 or 2 days before they “woke up”. because I thought that after a standard break in like an hour of Petrucciani or other jazz artists I mean with some fast and never exaggerated tracks precise, costant… I thought that they woke up but they don’t. I had to reproduce approx 100 songs, poor neighbors I’m very sorry guys, if you hear me…. btw now R1280T have woken up now the mix are more slim than before but anyway their sounds still remain full. this tweeter looks so big but it’s just 0,5 inch large overall it’s nice and well calibrated compare to the woofer that is 4 inches large viceversa the presonus tweeter is too large compared to their woofer.

Inside these edifier there is a signal processor it serves to enrich the sound adds artifices and we feel that the sound isn’t so real, but it’s ok. If you’re interested to know more about what there are inside I leave you the link of a New Zealand gentleman who opened them, I also drew inspiration from his video the components like condensers, magnets, and circuits are all of good quality compared to the price we are going to pay but in my opinion they exaggerated with the modification of the sound why they do that? nobody knows. Surely they want a pop sounds Ok then… mind that: they are chinese. I started with this hypothesis: for each market it would have been difficult and expensive to change this signal processor. In Belgium for example… they listen a lot of jazz In Italy many listen to Pop music and trap In China they listen K pop, C pop, J pop… styles of music that notoriously must play well and loud in all speakers many speakers also include many of the cheap ones the economic ones for the most part do not have low because it costs to have a membrane and an adequate size So those who produce pop will say: better not to focus on the bass in fact many k pop songs are rich in mids the voice is always ahead and there are many typical noises “tztztztztz” (too crispy sound) to confirm this hypothesis I went to play the k pop (for example) into the Edifier R1280T They actually sound great!!! obviously it is only a hypothesis, they’re built to play pop music! However they are not doing badly in other musical genres too.

Also in EDM music, they sound great. Did you listen the last song in comparison? The track made by Vini Vici (a psytrance composer) it feels really good even at high volume so to listen to music these edifiers are fine let’s take a break with the compliments to the edifier and let’s congratulate the presonus no, we’re not there I didn’t like them at all I used Presonus Eris 3.5 for long time like a month or something I was going to keep them then I said: I have to make a comparison for what I was doing before, I was mainly dealing with drums with this thing behind me (Native Instruments Maschine) Eris 3,5 just go fine let’s take a look behind, we have two inputs, one balanced and one unbalanced they have some regulations that are useless in this budget and the bass reflex. in the room layout you see here this bass reflex cause me some trouble. like ugly rumblings. I had to insert pyramid isolation but it’s useless for this application. This only reduce bass and get the mix slimmer in these small arrangements the bass reflex in front is preferred and then it is comfortable in summer so as to throw some air in your hair joking aside, the woofer (3,5 inches) as you see is in kevlar ok, the tweeter is 1 inch large The things I have to say are few They sound pretty decent with drums Kick, snare, toms, crashes too and percussion But everything that is not included are penalized voice, instruments… You feel this deficit from a normal listen to pop track.Voice result under the mix, not over This mean that the power of the voice, the timbre we can appreciate it and work on it because it stay into 250Hz (on average) From 500Hz to 2000Hz where the intelligibility of the voice is found whe have an hole. This hole is pretty big. we hear everything muffled Another theory like one before? IMHO they noticed (in Presonus) that the box sounded too swollen and medium. So they dig a hole from 500 to 2000 Hz they decided to cut the mids to pretend to have a flat sound. But flat sounds isn’t so. so then among other things when you make holes like that you risk knocking out whole bands of frequencies The precision of these speakers may fail. I’ve tried to play some white noise sorry I just covered this woman back here I reproduced some white noises with both speakers some frequencies were enhanced for example I tried the one on 984 Hz So we’ve all the frequencies full of this white noise but 984Hz is enhanced theoretically with an instrument, a microphone, doing the analysis of the frequency spectrum this frequency (984Hz) may result higher.

But no. Presonus Eris 3,5 tended to go a little lower or a little higher it wasn’t always the right one, instead Edifier R1280T despite having removed all the equalizations and reset the sound to factory values they were more precise than the Presonus. This does not mean that they sound swollen. however nothing that cannot be corrected. In the Presonus, correction went more difficult you cannot effectively correct a deficit made by artifice. In Edifier R1280T having increased the frequencies you can decrease effectively without adding any rumors But if you add some dBs to a holed frequencies with a standard EQ like Windows proprietary you will hear that you are adding numbers manually therefore more rumor will be heard and the sound will never be natural and reliable. viceversa in Edifier R1280T getting low some frequencies we’ll take something good out. this left me truly perplexed about Presonus Eris 3.5 and these are my consideration, I would have expected more from these speakers instead I expected very little from the edifier like they sounded very bad like “Auna” (another chinese brand) instead no… I had to change my mind. maybe not the first day (because they sounded too fat) but the situation has unlocked. but let’s not get lost in other small talk, let’s go to see the design and then we’ll have a final chatting. Let’s change image back here Btw I like very much this channel, its name is Seven Beat Music very beautiful musics they have a 24/7 radio and they do a lot of live music with some DJs about 1 hour and 1/2 long they usually make music for coffee shops but don’t smoke coffee shop kind…. Ok maybe also Amsterdam coffee shop like…. let’s keep it, for safety!! So, we return on Edifier R1280T for design mmm… shrieks a little I mean not everyone likes this look even this strange arrangement, however, is pleasant (for me) For sound purposes it doesn’t make any difference the interesting thing is that they can also be oriented horizontally the tweeter should always be higher than the woofer because the woofer at a theoretical level, having the function of reproducing the lower waves that do not hit the ears but other parts of the body being in part vibrations instead the accurate description of the sound is made by tweeter (high waves) therefore to better interpret the sound they should be at ear level (theoretically) however, well done Edifier. these pots that we have on our side are useless (they do not affect much) oh and I forgot to tell you… they also have dust guards, they are not very beautiful after 2 second I took them off then if you look at the frame and how it is assembled … when I took them off I said “ehmmm??”

what the hell is that? made in a very poor way in fact took off bye bye then the foam, even if thin, further warms a more than warm suond let’s say that in the younger range the retro look does not stick we must go beyond 35 years it must be said that in a minimal design with a retro appeal they do not clash even if the wood is veneered it is still pleasant and makes a good impression I have one more thing to say, if you went to the Edifier official website you would see very nice designed speakers let’s say these R1280T are the poor little sisters So, Presonus.Well you just see the comparison back there surely in the younger group they will be the most popular they have a more sportive design but in any case they say almost nothing, they have no proper character Edifier have character since they make a call (to retrò design) while these make no call, what call is it? A reference to kevlar? but it serves no purpose (in this budget) it’s useless, the woofer is the baddest part in this Presonus Eris 3,5 instead the tweeter is the best part IMHO they made a mistake and I’ll tell you in the conclusions they made a construction mistake in these cases. Anyway, they are more comfortable to use like a pc speakers here there is the volume pot they have a much higher volume than Edifier but it’s pretty useless They have an Aux IN, that means Auxiliary, many abuse the word aux Auxiliary to any main entrance so a microphone for example, or a record player, or a guitar anything send out a signal instead then there is the headphone OUTPUT not the Headphone IN because the sounds goes out and it goes to your ears like a vector, it enter back here or it enter into Aux IN and then finally goes out from your headphones. sorry but clarity should be made. here we have the On/off switch, so more comfortable for PC use. When I did the unboxing my eyes looked like this what are these? they are too light ok neodymium, ok lighter magnets in my opinion there is absolutely nothing inside this will weigh 4 pounds just exaggerating because it has the transformer and the amplifier but that one is passive that is, the signal comes from this one with copper cables (as the same the Edifier R1280T) it’s very light they used perhaps the worst wood in history but come on they are nice, here they would look good I tried to connect them to the LP player and I was going to cry (they were a disaster) they are not good to listen to music that is not particular such as … drum solos? ok, for the conclusions it is quite simple if you are interested in buying one of these two alternatives for listening to music So I suggest you the Edifier R1280T because I consider them richer in harmonics… and sounds so you can listen to all music genres without any problems even piano solos, acoustic guitar, hurdy gurdy…. Tibetan chants… anything.

Presonus, on the other hand, do not explicitly listen to any music genres I consider it a half disaster I think they made a mistake at the cabinet level I have this sensation. I can’t tell you with absolute certainty but given some resonances in the low frequencies So… we know very well that the real problems in the planning of the loudspeakers are the low and mid-low frequencies listening to some piano solos certain notes rang out from inside the cabinet this allows me at least to think that they did wrong with the planning of the speaker But, returning to conclusion in my opinion, with my ear, with my feelings with the opinion of other people in audio it is important to listen to what others say theoretically it would always be so in all things, but oh well in audio it is important because our ears betray us after two hours of listening, considerations are already wrong because our brain gets used to listening to the sounds that arrived at ours ears and it starts making you make mistakes, and takes away where there are too many adds frequencies where there aren’t enough and takes away where there are too many just like an automatic EQ so always ask other people, these last have confirmed to me that the Edifiers are richer also equalizing them with the normal windows eq trying to take away what was too much and just add high frequencies to refresh the sound so some dBs on 10 kHz and 16 kHz to give it a feeling of freshness well other people tell me that they still sounds better. so let’s also trust the opinion of others, not only ours if you come from that circle of people who make musical productions or maybe you want to get into the audiophile discourse in the speech “do you feel the quality of this track ??!” keep calm, keep really calm down I invite you to follow this advice that a famous Sardinian sound engineer gave me I can’t tell you his name but I can tell you that he is considered one of the strongest stage sound engineers, but also of the hall and working together he said me a phrase that then stayed in my head for years in the meantime I was working he said “Carlo wait” do as I tell you, you are doing as the book or that technician tells you there do as I tell you.

I said “ok, but explain to me why” and he said to me “everything is the opposite of everything” then he turned going away, I know it seems like a novel story but it’s true, in a slightly lower voice he said “if it works” in the sense… at that moment I took it as: you are right, you are God and I am your disciple I must learn everything from you so there was at that moment to say “everything is the opposite of everything, if it works” then I took it a bit…as… as a life lesson that is, don’t just rely on what others say. Many are fanatics. or they are like those who write reviews on Amazon I too have written several you are wrong at the moment writing because you are happy with your purchase and you say “fuck, how smart I am?” how smart i am that i bought this stuff that is satisfying me in all aspects instead then that item disappoints you and many people have based themselves on your opinion and bought it everything is the opposite of everything in the sense that you could be audiophiles or be the next steve aoki you could be audiophiles or be the next steve aoki or the next Adam Prescott next TIesto or David Guetta simply with your iPhone headphones 19$, 15$, 10$…. however, the discussion becomes much wider than you maybe think you could listen to the music quite satisfactorily in these edifier… or maybe not. You could buy those one that cost 200$ more or 300-400$ 1000-2000-3000$ or eventually sell you the house for buying some speakers. or instead of building a future you could self-build speakers you literally could do anything But if you are producing some music and you’re looking for some audio monitors, these speakers are worth nothing 100$ are nothing you could produce the coolest song on earth with your headphones then … you think david guetta doesn’t have a hundreds of thousands of dollars studio where a single channel where you put bass line or snare line a single channel in some big studios cost about 30-40-50k $!!!

every instruments that add up in this channel of the mixer management, staff, tools… 50’000 $ for a channel! (or maybe more) so 24 channels…I don’t know how much you could spend on this. But is very much. so 100$ speakers… thinking must be recalibrated and update it Maybe you are a producer, you got a 300$ monitors like Krk Rokit 5 That are heavy saturated to bass frequencies (well, just eq them!!) And other friend got the NS10 (legendary yamaha studio monitors) And he says “I’ve got NS10 look how they’re cool and photogenic” Yeah sure they’re photogenic Most common brains suggest that is a great studio, more like the other one with KRK with a boys behind with Akai Mpc doing beats BUT, NO! Nope. This one with NS10 do crap production and you with KRK just make superb productions because you’ve a better ears or your musical skills are better your courage, your taste, your technique are simply better. That one (with NS10) have 1000$ monitors and 500$ amplifier That is anyway nothing compare with professional studios A pair of Genelec (studio monitor) cost 3000$ and only one Numann studio monitor cost 5000$! Then we need to think about where we can plug this 5000$ monitor We plug with an iPod or an iPhone or maybe at our PC with original audio card? Nope. we need to contextualize and make a speech based on our availability and to what we really do, Presonus for example, I don’t suggest you for vocal works maybe you’re singer or youtuber. perhaps I suggest Presonus Eris 3,5 if you’re a drummer and you want to work on your production but the studio rooms need to be truly acoustically treated and very dry to whom it may concern sounds they could actually be a suitable choice otherwise Edifier they are fine for everything the real question is: with $ 100 do you prefer a studio monitor (presonus) that do only that and do it a little bad only for studying and working ok, working is a big word, or do everything with the edifier R1280T I mean listen to music, listen to TV, listen to the turntable studying music begin to understand what it means equalizing remove, add, try to make speakers sound in one way rather than another it could be a sensible choice in this way of thinking btw its cost 6$ less… better than nothing! anyway enough!! 47 minutes to cut in editing for this video I hope not to put them all, omg I’m always too long-winded, ok I cut this too ok for concluding this video, thanks to all for be here (nobody is here lol) thanks to those few survivors, those heroes who have come safely to here who endured these monologues that … it’s ok but also not. remember everything is the opposite of everything, if it works. we’ll see at the next video, I’m searching to new speakers to reviews It was a real pleasure for me guys, we’ll see next time. Thanks

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