Hi everybody and welcome back to a new review we’re always here at “The Chicken Coop Studio” of Attilio Lombardo A professional Recording, mixing and mastering studio, this review could be a second episode of this series for Studio Monitor’s comparison in the last episode we saw the studio monitors around € 300 per couple but today we will see Studio monitors around 500€ and 800€ per couple. definitely a more professional budget. as you may have guessed this will be a “David and Goliath” review we will have the least common and least expensive challenger they are the Kali LP8 You can see they behind me, under the Mission LX2 they are the ones with the most generous dimensions against sacred monsters that everybody knows… They are the Dynaudio BM5 MKIII.

As usual now we will do the audio test then we will comment on it together. We will take a look at the design, packaging and the building quality… Then we will do the conclusion and the final considerations. Ok, let’s begin the audio test. Well, before we get start I remember you I remind you that in case you liked the video, please like it, subscribe to the channel comment if you have any doubts or concerns. down in the description there are links to purchase, the equipment we used and the page of the studio that hosted us. we also thank and cite dutifully Irene Loche and Paolo Baldini of which I really appreciate their work you will find their channels in description. well, let’s get start with Kali LP8, 500€ per couple, 100W total, 60W to the woofer and 40 to the tweeter, woofer is 8 inch large and tweeter 1 inch large. unfortunately the materials are not specified they develop 112 db SPL SPL means Sound Pressure Level that usually is misused at 1 meter away (about 3,5 feet) 112 db is maybe too much but we will see it later.

Well, how they sound? let’s take a step back, before creating this review we went to see the reviews of the Kali and LP8 in particularly And we found a lot of positive reviews also very excited for these Kali… overall for their quality/price ratio I honestly did not understand all this emotion, on the contrary perhaps I understood it. In fact, everything that comes out of these Kali is just like that, without emotion, without color and without engraving. They tried with these Kali LP8 to generate a flat equalization but they did some errors and some frequencies are full of holes. the low frequencies are confused and unbalanced, the mids are empty and inconstant, the highs cannot make listening intelligible and interpretable also we heard strange noises coming from these Kali, we got closer to understand more we recognized what might be resonances from the cabinet. this made us think of design flaws but perhaps it would be too daring to assume it, but…. it wouldn’t be smart not to take it into consideration.. right? ……………………. right Dear friend, “disappointed by these Kali” is definitely an understatement P.S. Remember the 112 db SPL? maybe are too much, because we are pretty low for general volume we wanted to emphasize it they do not have what is described in the data sheet. simply and this is all. better in all respects the tannoy gold 5 that we reviewed in the previous episode 100€ less for each monitor and they convinced us much more but we come to Dynaudio, which enjoyment guys really saved our day! let’s see some brief mention on the technical sheet they have 100W like the Kali LP8 but 50W for woofer and 50 for the tweeter woofer is 7 inch large built with their specifications and with their material, MSP (magnesium sylicate polymers) Dynaudio also wants to let us know that both coils are made of pure aluminum this choice was certainly adopted because aluminum has a greater heat dissipation capacity than copper and this guarantees the efficiency of the cones for much longer well, how they sounds? they reflect exactly what we expected what everyone thinks about dynaudio.

They surprised me even more because I didn’t expect them to have these low and this kind of character. the basses are linear, clean, fluid, straight and precise and they are enjoyable with every kind of music. the mid side is lined, full-bodied and fresh but never exaggerated tweeters do their job well guaranteeing medium high and high intelligible therefore a clean and very, very incisive sound with Dynaudio we are in a other level (much higher) there are many sound engineers very famous, that use the Dynaudio bm5 mk3 for mastering purpose they are used by many TVs like Sky for broadcasting and podcasting and many other purposes. in short, go on the safe side with Dynaudio. well, as far as design is concerned back to the Kali, they don’t convinced us from the begin from the unboxing the packaging is poorly padded and below average removing them from the box they were a bit light don’t get me wrong, 9 kg is still a lot but, still… we were a little stunned The design is a bit anonymous, at first glance the materials used do not seem of quality and their volumetric grandeur compared to Dynaudio it makes us immediately tend to give in to false expectations As usual we find the writing “designed in California” Do you remember ours other video with Persons and Edifier? Well, even here we found this writing “designed and engineered in California” and then the “made in who knows where” hidden there somewhere perhaps with a little embarrassment the feeling of the materials that I personally tried, seeing them, touching them, being in contact with them it is that of a rather cheap object for their part, the dynaudio removed from the box give the feeling of having a jewel in your hands you immediately understand that the materials used are at the top they certainly have a higher specific weight than the Kali and one feels that the wood used is valuable once placed on the table with a little more light getting a more closed views we realize that the Danish company has taken care of the smallest details it’s all made in Denmark.

Also in their entry level, the passion for audio, the dedication to satisfy the customer and the attention for the choice and use of materials exudes from every detail They are iconic, I honestly don’t care if they have a particular design, the important thing is that they sound good however I must recognize that their diffusion and their fame is widely justified and deserved here we are already finished this video , I’m really sorry for the Kali, believe me, I’m an ardent supporter of David in the eternal fight against the unreachable colossus but this time I’m sorry to admit that David didn’t even have a slingshot or spear, or whatever he was, let’s say, barefoot in the scorching desert and even in his underwear We explored every musical genres but belive us, but there were no positive points for the Kali I’m Really sorry to conclude, I will quickly tell you a funny anecdote that happened during the test of these studio monitors. it was a very hard day, 6-7 hours of listening obviously interspersed with breaks to rest the ears every now and then it happened that Attilio put the third monitors out and I was so with my eyes closed trying to imagine how this review could come out, trying not to hurt too much the feelings of the Kali fans then he put the third monitors out and they was the Mission LX2 that you see over the Kali LP8 for the occasion we have moved the NS10 and ADAM to make room for these monitors. The Mission LX2 were all moved, one pointing towards the recording room, the other towards the courtyard. In short, they were not directed. but they sound a lot better than Kali LP8 this really made us think and made us drop our arms on the ground also for this: Kali and his models including LP6 and LP8 however, they are praised by several people another story, without bothering you too much after the day of listening, a little sad, I went to put the Kali back in order to send them back to the sender these two anecdotes were to introduce a little the advice that we would like to give you and is to save some money and cross the Kali LP8 from the list of choices if you want a professional studio monitors.

We are still on a budget where 60% differences are still manageable and not so high amounts better to act calmly and evaluate the purchase of these dynaudio in the final analysis, the Kali in comparison to the Dynaudio are certainly not a professional reference on which to base the foundations and the fate of your mix. well guys, it’s time to close, if you liked the video please like it, subscribe to the channel, comment see you at the next review, hopefully a more balanced clash, but I’m sure it will be like this.

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